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Response to Inappropriate Behaviour

Response to Inappropriate Behaviour
When a student’s action(s) demonstrate non-compliance with our school code of conduct careful consideration of appropriate consequences will occur once the details of the incident have been fully determined.
Depending upon the severity and/or frequency of the inappropriate conduct one or more of the following may occur:
· recording of the incident.
· contact with parents/caregivers.
· restitution to individuals involved.
· verbal or written apology.
· performing a school community service.
· establishing a ‘my job is, my job is not contract’.
· Ioss of playground time.
· in-school or out-of-school suspension.
· referral to the School Based Team.
· withdrawl from school activities, eg. field trips, extra-curricular activities.
· reimbursement if property loss or damage is involved.
· referral to school counsellor.
· actions directed under District Policy.
In accordance with School District Policy and the Criminal Code the following behaviours will not be tolerated at Sooke Elementary.
· physical and/or verbal abuse
· possession or use of weapons
· sexual harassment
· threats and/or intimidation
· harassment/abuse of a racial nature.
It is each student’s responsibility to follow the guidelines and expectations of our code of conduct so that we can learn and play in a safe and caring school community.
School Vandalism
Our school grounds attract much unauthorized after hours activity. While respectful users are most welcome, everyone is advised that our school grounds are private property and as such fall under the Trespass Act. The Sooke RCMP will be enforcing the Trespass Act.  Any individual found on school property between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am may be subject to a fine of $115 and that anyone found damaging or destroying school property will be billed.
Vandalism is an ongoing  problem at Sooke Elementary.  You can help by reporting so district money goes toward education not fixing damage.
     Report suspicious activity and vandalism at our school.
    Please call the RCMP Sooke Detatchment at 642 5241.

              Thank you for your support.