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Restituition is owning up to a mistake and finding a way to fix it.

Restitution is a process by which youth learn self-discipline. It is based on the principle that people are internally motivated. We behave to get the pictures we have created in our head of how we want to be in the world. We may think we behave to get items we value or even to gain compliance from others. However, these goals are always related to how we see ourselves in relation to these people and things. We adults haven’t the habit of talking to youth about the persons they see themselves being because we have habitually focused on changing their behavior, on making them conform, rather than on them self evaluating. Restitution focuses first on the person. We then ask the persons to self-assess their behavior and how it affects others.

At Sooke Elementary we believe in restitution and are working towards teaching our students how to use restituion to solve social problems.

FAQ’s about Restitution